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Kharkiv. Recommended.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Created by Anastasiya Ivanchenko

Added 7 months ago

Place 1. With a passion to art. 

If you are passionate about the Modern Art, you definitely need to visit Yermilov Centre in the heart of Kharkiv city in Ukraine. This place was made for people, who want to become closer and better understand modern artists. The atmosphere is amazing inside the gallery. There is no design inside - that's why you can completely concentrate on exhibition. And feel all emotions, that artists put in their masterpieces.

One more tip: this gallery is absolutely free. 

Place 2. Friend and family. Feldman Ecopark Kharkiv. 

Today I would like to share with you one more place to visit in Kharkiv. It is Feldman Ecopark. 

This place is unique because there you can spend time with your family, friend, old people and babies. It will be comfortable for all. 

You can walk there, also you can see different animals. It's not like a Zoo. Animals have better conditions there. Owners tried to make as much space as possible to feel them comfortable. 

If you want to go there with kids - it is a great idea as well. You can rent a bicycle there, also in summer, you can visit a beach, organised inside the park. 

To have a good rest with friends you can make a barbeque there. They built places for parties. Even if it is rainy weather, you are able to spend time in the fresh air with your team. If you are planning a picnic, just book a table)) 

There are lots of different cafes inside the park. 

Moreover, let me mention that it is absolutely free for visitors. And one more small tip - there are also free buses, which could help you come to this park. 


Place 3. Maestro Gallery (Buzok - after rebranding). 

This is well-known place in Kharkiv. This gallery located in Opera Theatre building - in the centre of the city. 

It is absolutely free. They have made exhibitions of Ukrainian artists, hand-made things, sculptures etc. 

I was excited when I saw an exhibition of hand-made dolls. I even can't imagine all the beauty of this dolls. It was so exciting!!

If you visit this beautiful city one day, you definitely need to go there. 

Place 4. Gorky Park.

The best to relax is Gorky Park. This is a huge green territory in the centre of the city. 

This park could be quiet and loud; depends on the time you came and the day of the week. 

Especially for me one of the emotional moment - disco for elderly people. Because they keep love in their 70th and dance with a smile. You need to see it once!

Moreover, this is a good place for kids, for romantic time spending; for fun with friends, for reading a book. 

Also, there is a lake with ducks in the park. In hot summer day - the best place to seat - nea the water. 

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