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1 Place. Freud Coworking 

It could happen that you need to react immediately in some situation on your work. If you are traveling, you definitely need to know some places, where to go, even if you are just walking down the street and watching wonderful architecture and nature wives. As for me co-working - useful tips for travelers. They are not so expensive, have good internet and coffee as well. The main - choose an atmosphere you are willing to work in.

This co-working called Freud. Located in the center of the city) 

2 Place. IQHub 

The weather becomes better and warmer, so it is the hottest time for vacation. A lot of people even in vacation time have to work, so I believe that some tips for working spaces could be useful.

IQHub - is a great place for lonely travelers and also for people who travel with their family. This place offers small and large working spaces, moreover, they could offer the place for kids as well. 

Speaking about the price - it seems to me that price is not very high if we compare with other places. And location as much comfortable as possible -in the center of Kiev in 2 minutes from the metro station.