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Place 1. Hutor hotel

If you are planning to visit Dnipropetrovsk city in Ukraine. You can be sure that it is a wonderful place. 

It is true that Dnipro is an industrial city, but there are a lot of places where you can feel free and see the perfect view. For example, I had experience staying in the hotel called "Hutor". It is located on the bank of the river on the riverfront. 

Moreover, it has very picturesque inside territory, beautiful garden with small lake and fishes inside it. It was amazing to sit near listening to the wind and just thinking about everything. 

One more interesting fact - this hotel is built like a ship. It has several types of rooms and it seems that you are on the ship. One part - it is small ship with rooms for the most economic price - ship on the water.

Furthermore, they have Ukrainian style inside and they have Ukrainian restaurant. Everything is very tasty. 

I believe that you like the atmosphere on this wonderful piece of nature in the city.