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Place 1.  Ostannya Barykada

If you prefer to try Ukrainian cuisine you can visit an amazing place in the center of Kiev - Ostannya Barykada When I visited at first - I was really impressed. Its location is in the heart of Kiev, but you need to know where - because it is a mystery. (Like in Harry Potter, who must find the correct platform). 

If you come here at the first time, you will have an excursion. I can tell, that I heard lots of interesting facts. Moreover, they serve products only from Ukrainian suppliers. All alcoholic drinks are from Ukrainian suppliers as well and all products produce in our country. I can strongly recommend you to try varenyky there, especially with cherries and herbal teas - they are perfect.

Place 2. De Bosch

I'm passionate about Hieronymus Bosch. Even nowadays his masterpieces are one of the most mysterious. 

If you are passionate about art and mystery, you can visit a great place in Kiev called De Bosch. One of the well-known masterpieces of this talented artist is The Garden of Earthly Delights. It is the triptych. Each part of the painting tells its story:  Eden, the garden of earthly delights, Hell. That's why the place is unique. Each room tells us a story of one of the parts of the painting.

The atmosphere is magic. They use very old glasses for cocktails, so you can dive into the mood of past centuries. 

Place 3. Mexican food 

I believe that Mexican restaurant could be in each city and lots of people tried it. Moreover, there are people, who like it so much. 

If you will miss it, during the trip to Kiev, you can visit the Burger Mexico Restaurant and try their dishes. 

As for me, they made it with passion. The atmosphere inside is perfect. You can spend visit this place with your friends, or go for a date, or just relax and eat your favorite meals. 

Place 4. Korean Food

I've never been to Korea, but really enjoy and interested in this country. Their traditions and way of living are so exciting and special as for me. 

This country is full unknown and high-tech things. And the most exciting for me - how they can combine high tech modern buildings with castles. Interesting fact - connection of modern architecture and nature. 

Traditional clothes - it is a masterpiece.  

They have special food as well. If you like this culture and want to become closer to it and feel the atmosphere of some Korean place to eat, I can recommend you Arirang restaurant. This restaurant located in Kiev. 

You can try Korean cuisine there. Let me mention, that it is not adapted to European. As for me, it is very important.

Place 5. Asian food 

If you are traveling to Ukraine you need to know, that you can try any cuisine here. If you miss your home food, you just need to find the correct place. 

For example - one of the great places to eat Asian cuisine - KinKao restaurant. They have a wonderful menu with big choice. You can try hot spicy soup or rise with seafood or vegetables. Also, they have very-very tasty spring rolls. 

I will really appreciate if you will share your opinion with about visiting this place. 

Place 6. Georgian food

It was a great pleasure for me to visit this nice place. "Hurma" restaurant is located in the center of Kiev near Golden Gates metro station, so it is more than comfortable to get there. Even in rainy or snowy weather. 

The atmosphere is perfect - you feel like home. Very comfortable and warm place. 

Speaking about the cuisine - I think you need to try all dishes there. But it is not possible because portions are big enough and so tasty. So, my recommendation trying everything step by step. Let me mention, that they have wonderful vine card. 

Place 7. Special place - Win Bar.

Now, holiday mood is still in the air. So, I would like to share with you one more place with special atmosphere. It will be perfect for the romantic date, for some celebration, maybe just for rest in the evening after hard working day.

You can try their wonderful vine, they propose the big choice of the vine from different countries. Moreover, you can try bruschetta with different tastes and they will be the best addition to your drink.

I tried fish with cauliflower and with cheese sauce. The dish was perfect-made and the taste was wonderful.

Let me mention, that location is very comfortable - the center of the city and very close to the metro. 

Place 8. Mysterious one. Which-bar

If you like mysterious things and keen on the scary movie - this is a good place to visit. 

Here you can feel atmosphere like on Halloween. Moreover, this a period before the big holiday called Epiphany. So, there is some ritual - like fortune -telling in these days. As for me, this bar is the best place to visit.

You can try unusual cocktails, moreover, the process of choosing them will be interesting. You need to choose a card - that you'll receive your cocktail. 

They make bread by themselves with adding the different combination of spices. 

Definitely, you need to try!

Place 9. Healthy food 


- it the best for you, if you are keen on the healthy lifestyle. This way of living is popular all over the world and more and more people inspiring by it. This small tip is for you)). You can visit Salateira in lots of corners in Kiev. I believe that they have their restaurants in other cities in Ukraine as well. 

You can stay inside and feel the brilliant fresh atmosphere inside - they always try to put a lot of flowers and provide good service and music. If you are traveling and need to eat fast - you can take salad away. They'll give a very comfortable box. Believe me, they have big portions, so you won't be hungry! 

Moreover, they have pasta in their menu as well and good drinks, like fresh juice, for example.

One more tip: if you want to have your own salad mix, you can do it freely in Salateira. What you need - just ask an employee to help you and pay for the ingredients)

Place 10. Small an tasty things

I would like to share with you one small tip. If you will visit Ocean Plaza in Kiev for shopping, for example, you definitely need to try Cinnabon. 

This is the best thing I've tried. There are lots of places, where you can buy some bakery, but this is unique!

I even don't know how to explain the level of taste, but it is perfect! 

Place 11. For your soul.

I believe, that there are a lot of people, who love coffee. I love this hot drink and also I like the atmosphere in this types of cafes. 

Some time ago I visited the perfect place with the perfect atmosphere, as for me. 

They have very delicious coffee with the fantastic aroma. You should visit this place and feel all the atmosphere. Moreover, it is located in the center of the city. 

Place 11. Perfect desserts! Milk Bar.

If you are looking for a dessert - just to make your day better to take it away and drink a cup of coffee with your second half,  if it is your Birthday or you would like to make a surprise to someone. Milk Bar - the best place to make the correct choice. 

Anytime you visit this place - everything you can see - is fresh! 

Personally me I had a great pleasure and tried 2 cakes - I will attach photos to my page. 

Just remember - you definitely need to try!

Place 12. Chinese food. BAO restaurant.

Fantastic place to visit. They have an original menu with the recommendation from the chef. 

There are lots of cocktails - more than 60 names. Food - very delicious with interesting serving. 

Perfect atmosphere for dinner with your business partners and for meeting with friends or a romantic eve. 

Speaking about the prices - I can say it is a luxury place. But you need to visit it once. 

Place 13. Beef Meat and Wine

This is the most wonderful place I visited last month. 

If you like meat or fish steak, you definitely need to go there. 

The staff takes orders very professional, ask all the details and what is the main able to answer all questions.

Portions are huge, so it is good for early dinner))

Their vine card is perfect. The bar is fantastic and it is accurately based on the restaurants interior. You definitely should look.

I love flowers so much, so it was a great surprise found wonderful flowers everywhere. 

If you take a sit on the second floor beautiful view of the night city will open to you. 

Place 14. Biliy Naliv. 

I found one ore amazing place and would lie to share. But first of all, a small story about this place. 

I was walking down the main street Kreshatik in the heart of Kiev. I saw a huge queue and all the way after that I was thinking about the place I saw. 

Moreover, when I was turning back the queue was still there. 

I did a small research to find out about the uniqueness of this place. You know, they have an amazing idea which lies in basics of their philosophy. 

All dishes cost 1 euro and you can try there oysters and wine, also drins with a bigger percentage of the alcohol as well. The philosophy of this place, if you have some wishes, even small, you need to do what you want to fell your elf satisfied. It is about passion for tasty food an drinks.

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