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Birthplace of democracy, philosophy, and incredibly strong ouzo, a visit to Greece is an island-hopping adventure of sun-bleached ruins, idyllic Mediterranean coves, and a culture as old as Zeus himself. The rocky outcrop just above Athens is the site of the famed Acropolis, a fascinating ancient citadel of great architectural and historic significance. Further flung islands include Mykonos, a haven for young and old alike with its lapping turquoise waters and sunlit white shores, while the blue and white cliffs of Santorini will capture your heart at first glimpse. Rich in incredible artworks and timeless culture, Greece is a land of intense passion and endless thrill.

  • Capital: Athens
  • Dialing code: +30
  • Population: 10,846,979
  • Languages: Greek, Modern (1453-)

General Information

Time zones

  • UTC+02:00


Euro (EUR)


plugs:C, F


Health & Safety


Drinkable Water


Emergency Numbers

  • Fire: 112
  • Police: 112
  • Ambulance: 112

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