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Far from just an island paradise, it is both Cuba’s colonial and more recent political history that has set it apart as one of the most unique and attractive holiday destinations in the world. Heavy sanctions imposed in the mid 20th century mean Cuban life is frozen in the charming era of the 50s, and old cars and buildings typify capital Havana’a vibey streets.  Swathes of magical colonial architecture line colorful avenues, and pristine beaches are always near. Add in a shot of delicious rum, a Cuban cigar, and lots of salsa dancing, and you have a one of a kind holiday escape. Cuba is a wondrous and otherworldly Caribbean.

  • Capital: Havana
  • Dialing code: +53
  • Population: 11,238,317
  • Languages: Spanish; Castilian

General Information

Time zones

  • UTC-05:00


Peso Convertible (CUC)


110 / 220V/60hz
plugs:A, B, C, L


Health & Safety


  • Hepatitis A
  • Tyfoid
  • DTP

Drinkable Water

not safe

Emergency Numbers

  • Fire: 26811
  • Police: 26811
  • Ambulance: 26811

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Travel News

Congress team asks Washington to mend fences with Cuba, withdraw travel advisory

HAVANA, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- A U.S. Congressional delegation on Wednesday urged President Donald Trump's administration to improve relations with Cuba amid tensions stemming from alleged "acoustic attacks" against U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba. read more

3 days ago

Fresh row over mysterious sickness affecting US diplomats in Cuba

But Valdés-Sosa points out that while the study is referenced on the US state department’s website, which calls on people to reconsider travel to Cuba in light of “health attacks”, the editorial which raises a long list of caveats is not. read more

about 20 hours ago

Cuba: Mystery illness strikes down American tourists, embassy staff

By the end of the month, Washington revealed that since September 2017, 19 American tourists had also reported experiencing symptoms similar to those listed in the travel warning after visiting Cuba. The State Department did not provide any further ... read more

2 days ago